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San Vicente
Hi China Boayan
250m2 lot with 30m2 cottage. Boayan is a paradise, and now you can buy your own cottage here. The price is for the lot with the cottage. You can also just buy the lot. We both have lots that you own by yourself and lots rented on 25 years contracts. Due to Governmental rules. The prices are quite similar because the rented ones have a more unique location. But for sure the other ones are very well located also. Read more about everything here: www.propertyinvestph.com Hi China is a nick name, but if you go with a boat straight north from the property you will not enter land before you arrive in the Fujian province in China. Stright to the west you will arrive in the Ho Chi Minh area in Vietnam. For more information please contact: +639212398167 or che@propertyinvestph.com